Thursday, 1 July 2010

New app, tools, blog

You may have noticed the new menu bar just below the blog title? It sums up the latest development spurt to get CloudBank ready for prime time - as a sustainable and widely-used mobile language learning tool.

We now support dynamic user groups, not through a boilerplate user-group implementation but through rather sophisticated tagging support that enables teachers to set up ad-hoc content pools and gives learners fine control over what they see.

We addressed the issue of spam, offensive and wrong content by enabling users to flag items for review by a cloudbank administrator or editor (e.g. a teacher using the system)

We added context-sensitive online help to the mobile application for novice users, as well as an about screen and a settings menu.

We created an admin panel which enables non-technical staff to edit, follow up flagged items and delete content from the database.

Last but not least we prepared our shiny new Android phones for action, by un-doing the useless t-mobile default configuration, setting up reasonable settings and homescreen and installing the new Cloudbank app. This may sound like childs play, but in fact I had blisters on my fingers after configuring 8 phones via touch screen!

I'll be explaining each of these points in more detail over the coming days. But now it's off to deliver the phones to the ISC so that we finally can get on with our evaluation...

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