Monday, 14 December 2009

End-of-project SWOT analysis

Complementing our SWOT analysis at the beginning of the project, we carried out a second SWOT analysis this afternoon to see what has changed over the past six months and to get a clearer picture in which direction we'd like to develop the project further.

- Implemented system, functional, ready to download
- Evaluated with target users (usability)
- Lightweight, clear, understandable
- Developer experience
- (content agnostic system)

- Some aspects not implemented, e.g. user identities, user groups
- Not polished, missing wide scale evaluation/implementation
- Only on Android
- Theory side underdeveloped

- Integrate with other systems and online communities
- Develop theory via evaluation (maybe ESRC/LLP project?)
- Different subject areas, e.g. design, geology, architecture
- Different language applications, e.g. jargon busting, vets in Africa
- Different character sets

- Open Source, could be copied, etc.
- Someone else develops similar concept
- Funding dries up
- Android does not flourish

Based on the analysis we identified a number of key aspects that need further development in order to realise potential benefits. These include technical features necessary for large-sacle deployment (user identities, user groups), better web integration (website, widget), integration with other systems (online learning environments, language learning communities) and evaluation (learning, attitudes, wider impact).

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