Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Hurrah, our grant application has been accepted by JISC, and we finally can get to work on the CloudBank project!

Here's a brief description of the project:

The CloudBank project aims to build a lightweight mobile- and web-based crowd-sourced information system to help international students to pool and negotiate their knowledge and understanding of the local language and culture. The system allows students to collect, annotate and tag interesting or intriguing language- and culture-related content found in everyday life, including text, images and other media, and to upload these content items to a repository. From the repository, the information can be syndicated, e.g. via RSS feeds or as alerts. In addition, the repository offers a web interface to allow adding, editing, annotating, tagging and discussion of content items. In time we hope this can develop into a a central point around which a community of practice can crystallise.

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